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Trees & Butterflies - A Collection by Nobel Laureate Hermann Hesse

Trees & Butterflies - A Collection by Nobel Laureate Hermann Hesse

“Who ever heard of having too many books? We delight in all our books and work hard to bring in the latest and greatest design, travel, music, cooking, gardening and a few of the classics. Page after page, they are full of inspiration. Currently they make me happy stacked for my laptop zoom calls!

Trees: An Anthology of Writings and Paintings

An elegant collection of Hermann Hesse’s essays, poems, and passages on the subject of trees and nature, accompanied by thirty-one of his watercolor illustrations. Hesse understood trees to be symbols of transcendence and rebirth, of instinctive growth present in all natural life. Together, his writings and paintings mirror the seasons and landscapes as he experienced them, and help remind us that trees’ annual rings are representations of our own days’ struggle, happiness, and purpose.

Hardcover, 5.3"x0.7"x7.3", 132 pages
Designed, illustrated and written by Hermann Hesse

    Butterflies: Reflections, Tales, and Verse

    "I have always had a connection with butterflies and other fleeting and ephemeral beauties, while I have never succeeded in maintaining permanent, committed and so-called solid relationships," writes Hermann Hesse in a letter from 1926. This preference, occasionally resembling an elective affinity, for "flowers and butterflies, that are of everlasting things, a fleeting allegory" – as he says in one of his poems, has left its mark on Hesse’s entire oeuvre.  110 full-color engraved-copper illustrations by Jakob Hübner.

    Hardcover, 5.3"x0.7"x7.3", 136 pages
    Written by Hermann Hesse
    Illustrated by Jackob Hübner

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