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Niwaki Sentei Ikebana

Niwaki Sentei Ikebana

“The Japanese garden tools are sublime. These clippers will change your life, and once you experience the difference, you’ll guard them with your life. Keep them close by for fresh cuts and pruning, and give a pair to your favorite gardening pal.”

Ikenobō is the oldest and largest school of ikebana, the Japanese art of floral design and topiary. The short, broad blades are strong enough for woody cuts and hard stems. They take a bit of getting used to, but if the discipline of ikebana is something you aspire to, it’s well worth it.

Materials: KA-70 Carbon Steel, 45mm blades
Dimensions: 6.7"x1.7"x.7"
Made in Japan

To keep your tools clean between uses we suggest cleaning after use with our Camellia Tool Oil & Dispenser available here. You can also maintain sharpness by using a #1000 grit sharpening stone.

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