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Niwaki Gardener's Snips & Holster

Niwaki Gardener's Snips & Holster

"I will never be without my snips. Once you try them you won't want to leave home without them. I  find myself tucking them into my tote so I can take a cutting along every pathway."

Handy to have a couple of pairs really, as they are absolutely brilliant for flowers, fruit and veggies, but aren’t nearly as tough as secateurs and are for green growth only, not woody pruning. Slender blades get right in for careful snipping, red white handles show up when you (almost inevitably) leave them lying around somewhere. Trust me you'll want them tethered to your side which is why we've bundled them with a single leather holster. Holsters keep tools close to hand, stop them ending up on the compost heap, and save your pockets. This holster is made with thick leather, copper rivets and it's hand stitched with double ply waxed thread and fits most belts.

Materials: SK-85 Steel, 50mm blades
Dimensions: 7.2" x .6" x 1.7"
Made in Japan

Materials: Leather, 50mm blades
Dimensions: 9.2" x 1" x 3.3"
Made in Asia

To keep your tools clean between uses we suggest cleaning after use with our Camellia Tool Oil & Dispenser available here. You can also maintain sharpness by using a #1000 grit sharpening stone.

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