The List
Nason Moretti Glass
Nason Moretti Water Glass
I fell in love with these glasses in Italy.  Each glass is handmade and exquisite.  I’ll take one in every color!
Evocateur Erte Water Cuff
Evocateur Erte Water Cuff
Wonder Woman I am not but these cuffs are beautiful and powerful and make me feel ”very swish” as my mother would say!
Ibiza Book
Ibiza Bohemia Book
I love Travel Coffee Table Books by Assouline including, Comporta Bliss, Palm Beach, Capri Dolce Vita, Ibiza Bohemia, and Tulum Gypset.  These are must have coffee table books that are wonderful inside the cover and beautiful outside the cover!
Jan Barbolgio Angel d' Paz Tazon Bowl
Jan Barbolgio Angel d' Paz Tazon Bowl
I respect hand work so much! It is solid and clean lined and art that has function! I have 4 pieces myself!